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      IoT Industries


      Did you know IoT technology can be used to optimize virtually any industry you can imagine? IoT connectivity and real time data are already enhancing productivity, efficiency and competitive edge for markets including manufacturing, automotive and energy, and the possibilities are endless! Discover a variety of IoT examples below.

      M2M market - Smart Manufacturing 

      Smart Manufacturing

      Global manufacturing is being disrupted. The Internet of Things is connecting manufacturing assets and leveraging big data and the cloud to enable unprecedented improvements in efficiency, quality, safety and product design. Gemalto is at the heart of the smart manufacturing revolution leveraging its IoT and digital security expertise to ensure the flow of trusted data between machines, people and applications.

      Smart Manufacturing

      M2M market - Smart energy 

      Smart Buildings: Improving Efficiency and Sustainability

      Smart buildings leverage IoT connectivity, sensors and the cloud to remotely monitor and control a range of building systems from heating and air conditioning, to lighting and security systems. Gemalto is at the forefront of the Smart Building industry, providing solutions and services that Connect, Secure and Monetize building management systems helping to improve efficiency, sustainability and comfort.

      Smart? Buildings

      M2M market - Smart energy 

      ?Smart Energy: Smart Grid & Smart Metering

      With our state-of-the-art cellular communication modules, individual power consumers, such as private households, and alternative power producers, such as photovoltaic panels on rooftops, can be easily integrated into the smart grid to control and efficiently manage available power supply for consumers and for our environment.

      Smart? Energ???y

      M2M telematics  

      Tracking & Tracing : Traffic Telematics, eTolling

      With our rug?ged, automotive-grade cellular communication modules, vehicles of any sort are continuously connected to traffic information centers and intelligent traffic systems to receive the latest traffic and safety information, to choose the most efficient route, saving time and fuel, and to get fastest emergency response in case of an accident.

      Tracking & Tracing

      connected cars  

      Connected Cars: a world of new mobility??

      ???????????????????????????In today's fast paced, mobile world, more and more young people want a flexible, convenient way to get from one place to another - on time and in an environmentally sound and sustainable way!????

      Connected Cars

      ? ?

      mHealth : Assisted Living, Chronic Care Management, Preventing Diseasey??

      mHealth and Cinterion modules can provide solutions to the challenges faced by healthcare providers today and in the future. Optimized, integrated mobile care can reduce costs through shorter hospital stays, increased productivity for medical staff and doctors while improving quality of medical services and overall health for patients?????


      M2M payment  


      ???????????????????????????In today's fast paced, mobile world, more and more young people want a flexible, convenient way to get from one place to another - on time and in an environmentally sound and sustainable way!????


      M2M security  


      ???????????????????????????Cinterion M2M technology incorporates all communications functions relevant to security issues, including data transmission, listen-in functions on voice channels, high-performance battery management systems in modules, and long standby times?????


      M2M maintenance  

      Remote Maintenance & Control??

      ???????????????????????????Offering Java? support, high-speed data transmission by EDGE and HSDPA and comprehensive design-in support, Cinterion GSM/GPRS technology is efficient, reliable and easily integrated into existing systems?????

      Remote Maintenance & Control?



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